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29 August

Eulogy For An Angel;

kaycie. girl. twenty years old. taken & in love. new york. metalhead. livejournal/greatestjournal junkie. bitchy at times but can be sweet, I guess. :]

Take Her to the Music Store;

atreyu. in flames. from autumn to ashes. poison the well. avenged sevenfold. a static lullaby. lacuna coil. dimmu borgir. lollipop lust kill. reveille. pt grimm. mindless self indulgence. tool. deadstar assembly. zeromancer. twiztid. insane clown posse. blaze ya dead homie. zug izland. sparta. coheed and cambria. kittie. jack off jill. slayer. pantera. killswitch engage. hanson. the moffatts. spice girls. aqua. tatu. ill nino. korn. nonpoint. slipknot. deadsy. ventana.

Cherry Kiss;

music. patrick [my boyfriend]. sleeping. livejournal/greatestjournal. rating communities. sushi. japan. hentai. anime. horror movies. jason voorhees. jolly ranchers. carebears. yummy smelling shampoo. diet coke. lizards. coffee. nailpolish. hair dye. dragons. fairies. cover songs. jamie madrox. concerts. glowsticks. blacklights. blacklight paint. jeff hardy. matt hardy. lita. wwe wrestling. tna wrestling. vampire movies. bandanas. photography.

I'm The Best At Ruining My Life;

liars. hypocrites. people who can't spell [yes, there is a difference between YOUR and YOU'RE!] or use proper grammar. racists. homophobes. immaturity. cutting for attention. drawn on eyebrows. elitists. religion. "pop punk" like avril, gc, simple plan, mest.. etc. emo ["emo" and "screamo" is not the same]. boys in girls pants & tight shirts. bugs. being sick.

If you decide to add me there are a few little guidelines:

1] We must have at least SOMETHING in common.

2] I prefer you to be at least between the ages 16 & 30.
But if you're a mature and intelligent "youngin" then that's acceptable.
And if you're not a creepy "older person" then that's acceptable as well. :]

3] Please do not type LiEK tHiS pLZ!!111
[ONLY if you are joking around & I know it, is it okay!]

4] If find the absolute need to "diss" myself/my music/my icons or any other interests of mine, I will delete your comment. You will have wasted *insert certain amount of time here* of your precious life. Just think, you can never get those moments back. I will proceed to giggle like a little schoolgirl at you.

5] If you have a smartass comment to say about my userinfo [how bright/blinkie it is] keep it to yourself. I really do not care. I hope it does end up causing you to have a seizure. :]

That's all for now.

Keep hands and feet inside the vehicle at ALL times.

BUCKLE UP & enjoy the ride. :] Thank you!

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Other communities & stuff.

My greatestjournal. Friends only!

Myself at VampireFreaks.

Myself at FTJ.

I love you always. With everything I am, to the moon and back. o9.27.o4.
thanks to Shane [klowndogg] for editing those bears & the fairy for me! :D <3

(old) korn, 40 below summer, a static lullaby, adema, afi, alaska highway, alice cooper, anime, anybody killa, atreyu, avenged sevenfold, backstreet boys, bandanas, betta fish, bile, blaze ya dead homie, bowling for columbine, brandon lee, breaking benjamin, bruderschaft, candles, coal chamber, codeseven, coheed and cambria, cold, cold army, crazytown, csi, dane cook, daniel puder, dark lotus, deadstar assembly, deadsy, dimmu borgir, divine, e-town concrete, finding nemo, friday the 13th, from autumn to ashes, gackt, gas masks, gizmachi, green tea, gryffindor, hairspray, hanson, hardy boyz, harry potter, hatebreed, hello kitty, hentai, hoodies, horror movies, horrorcore, house of 1000 corpses, ill niño, in flames, industrial, insane clown posse, invader zim, jack off jill, jagermeister, japan, jason voorhees, jeff hardy, jhonen vasquez, john waters, judas priest, killswitch engage, kittie, kmfdm, kottonmouth kings, kthnx, lacuna coil, lamb of god, law and order, lifer, linkin park, lita, lollipop lust kill, lolz, marilyn manson, matt hardy, mindless self indulgence, most precious blood, no assembly required, nonpoint, norma jean, omfg, omg, omgz, orgy, pantera, pink flamingos, poison the well, pt grimm, randy orton, remembering never, resident evil, reveille, rofl, roflmao, sailor moon, shadows fall, silverchair, slytherin, society 1, sparta, stfu, sushi, sw1tched, sworn enemy, tank girl, tech n9ne, the crow, the left rights, the purple show, therion, tool, tubring, twiztid, unico, ventana, wtf, wumpscut, wwe, zach gowen, zeromancer, zug izland